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Eating fresh fruit every day, keeps the doctor away!

We have a large selection of fresh, seasonal fruit available. Check out the seasonal flow of fruit, and the optimal times for finding the best kinds of fruit in Port Macquarie and the surrounding regions.


Spring is when fresh fruits, such as berries and grapes are at their best. Juice filled blueberries and raspberries can be found that are perfect for eating fresh with some yoghurt. They’re not bad on a berry themed pavlova, or smothered in fresh cream!


Summer is when beach days and picnics, blend into family filled evenings, where friends come together and reminisce. Fresh peaches, nectarines and cherries, are perfect to quench your thirst on hot Summer days. They’re not bad with ice cream either.


Autumn is the time when things get a bit more cosy and the days begin to get shorter. It’s the perfect time to build up your immune system with plenty of Vitamin C. Lovely start to the morning as well, with a fresh glass of orange juice, or a squeeze of lemon in some fresh cold water.


Nothing says Winter like biting into a fresh, juicy apple. Crisp and crunchy, apples can be eaten as is, or baked into lovely warm tarts, served in the afternoon with tea. Let’s not forget pears for the little ones. They’re not bad in salad mixed with ricotta cheese and beetroot, given the chance.

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Paul Betenson

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