Essentials Box



The Essential Fruit and Veg $50 Box

2 pieces of Sweet Potato
1kg Dirty Potatoes
1/2 Jap or Gray Pumpkin
1 Corn Cob
2 Lebanese Cucumbers
2 Zucchini
4 Small Tomatoes
8 Corella Pears
2 Small Oranges
4 Small Apples
1 Small Bunch of Bananas, generally 4 in a bunch
1 Bunch of English Spinach
6 Kiwis
2 Small Avocados
1 Tray of Carrots
1 Bag of Mixed Veg
1 Bag of Mixed Fruit

*Items included could change depending on the season and availability

The Essential Box Fruit and Veg Box contains a selection of fruit and veg that you can use in recipes and keep yourself healthy.