Ultimate Family Box



The Ultimate Family Fruit and Veg $110 Box

1x bag baby lettuce
½ Jap pumpkin
3x red onion
3x brown onion
1x broccoli
1kg sweet potatoes
1x pkt mini cucumbers
2kg local dirty potatoes
1x tray tomatoes
1kg tray carrots
250g brussel sprouts
1x leek
2x parsnips
250 gram mushrooms
1 pkt pine nuts
1x red capsicum
1x tray corn
2x beetroot bulbs
½ cauliflower
1/4 Watermelon
1kg local Bananas
8x Small Mandarins
3x Lemon
1x Large Pine
1x Strawberry
3x Kiwifruit
1kg Bag Red Apples
2kg bag New Season Navel oranges
2x Avocado Market size
6x Small Green Pears
1/2 Rockmelon
1x Packet Medjiol Dates
1x Mint
$5.00 mixed surprise

*Items included could change depending on the season and availability

The Ultimate Fruit and Veg Box contains a selection of veg and fruit that you can use in recipes and keep yourself healthy.